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When blonde chick Whitney Morgan sets her mind to something there is no turning back. This time the stunning woman is ready to teach her man how to gag on a massive sex toy. She is a real good bisexual trainer.
Unfortunately, you are becoming such a drag in the bedroom and I am getting bored. But don't worry about it since I have a kinky plan. I want two men between the sheets but before I invite someone to join us I will have to warm you up. I want you to give our new friend a nice firm handjob while he eats my pussy. Or he can even fuck you since anal is not my cup of tea so that is going to be your job now.
I got this big toy for us to play with but I forgot the lube so we will need some spit. And the best way to force some is to gag, so open wide. I need to teach you how to deepthroat since all the boys like that. Relax your jaw and start choking on this massive dildo like a good lover.
- Whitney Morgan

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This Mistress you've been slaving for over the last few weeks has got a surprise in store. It's going to involve her pussy - but also another man's cock. Can you handle it?
Listen, I know that deep down inside, you want nothing more than to experience every type of sexual passion under the sun. To me, that means that you shouldn't cut yourself off from 50% of the population. We're going to make sure that your hunger for men is completely satisfied today. Don't pretend that you don't want this bisexual experience. You'll love every minute of it.
I've got to say that your ass looks incredible with a big fat dick inside it. I never thought I'd be so happy to see one of my male slaves enjoy his gay ass getting fucked while he's pleasuring my pussy with his tongue. Don't worry - I promise that in a few minutes, you'll get your turn to fuck him in the ass. Once that's done, you'll never want to leave your bisexual fantasies alone.

Today Im going to teach you how to suck a dick

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Sinstress is impressed that you've held on for this long. You're just another man in a long list of admirers that are fighting for her attention.
I have a very special skill in getting men addicted to me. I'm a professional - as it were - and believe one, once I have you hooked, you'll never want to go anywhere else for your sexually perverted desires. Oh, don't think I know about all of them. The bisexual ones interest me the most, actually. After all, who knew that you were such a sucker for a big dick?
There's nothing wrong with liking men and women, but there's everything wrong with liking them both and never getting a piece of action. Well all of that's about to change today, because I'm going to teach you how to suck dick and take a big slab of meat in your ass. Once I'm through with your bisexual training, you'll want to go out there and fuck as many men as possible.

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When it comes to making a sissy out of her slave Snow Mercy knows how to do her job. This busty brunette mistress is a great bisexual guide who can make any kinky fantasy come true with her dirty talk.
The first thing that I am going to do is get you out of those clothes and dress you up in a girly outfit since we all know that you are nothing but a big sissy. I will dress you up nicely and get you ready to suck on a big cock. After dressing you up we are going to go to some bars and I will pick out a guy for you and tell him that you are hungry for some prick sucking action.
You will go to the bathroom with him and put your hands down his pants before you start choking on that boner. I bet your dong will get nice and hard. I will laugh at you because you cannot do anything about it. This is just going to be a warm up and I hope this fellow will cum all over your face.
- Snow Mercy

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Goddess Valora is in a mood to educate today, and after hearing that you think you're a big manly man that's only into pussy, she's going to show you otherwise with her lessons in bisexuality.
You need to be taught to suck cock like a good little whore, because when I go out there and find you a big hung black stud that is going to ram your ass over and over again, it's going to be in your best interests to make sure his shaft is lubricated for your sissy bisexual ass.
Look at the size of this dick - don't you just want to suck on it so much? Well go on then - put it in your mouth and give it a try. You can open wider than that, so stop pretending it won't fit and get it stuck in there. Oh yeah, you're learning how to suck cock from a serious mistress that's all about education.
- Goddess Valora

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Mistress has got you into the same room as her other slave which can only mean one thing. You're having a bisexual threesome and it's going to be awesome.
I know that you've always secretly loved the idea of having sex with another man while I'm in the room. Your eyes always light up whenever you see another male slave that is devoted to me. Well today, I thought it would be a great idea for us to live out those fantasies. See, I'm in the mood for some hot bisexual action and it just so happens you are too.
Suck his cock for me and see how much he likes it. Oh, that's perfect - you really do know a thing or two about giving a hot blowjob, don't you? Now I'm going to let one of you fuck me, but before that happens, you've got to take the other's guy's dick in your asshole. You want to go first, right? Good - get on all fours and prepare yourself for a bisexual ass fucking that's out of this world.

When I finish you will be begging for cock

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Addie Juniper needs to have a conversation with you. The game's up - she found that huge dildo of yours and the punishment is not going to be easy.
I'm just wondering why on Earth you would steal my dildo? What is a guy like you - who acts as if he's straight - doing with a massive plastic cock hidden in his room? All I can think of is that you want nothing more than to have this cock inside you seeing as you love it so much. Well, let's make that fantasy a reality and turn you into a bisexual slave with a love for dick.
Mark my words you pathetic man, once I'm finished punishing you for having this hidden away, you're going to want to run to the nearest man you can find and take his cock deep inside your asshole. The bisexual punishment I dish out will be like nothing you've ever felt before. Now open that mouth of yours and get ready to taste dick - I promise you'll love every second of it.
- Addie Juniper

You will have to learn to suck cock if you want me

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You're in Jolene's room and it looks like she's finally ready to get naked for you. There is a small catch though - you have to go bisexual for her first.
Look, if you think I'm just going to take my clothes off for you and fuck you that quickly, you're deeply mistaken. See, I'm not the type of girl that just lets any man come in and have sex with her. I absolutely love threesomes, which for you? That means you're going to have to learn to suck a dick before I even think about entertaining the possibility of fucking you.
Yeah, you're going to make a great bisexual slave. The things I will teach you about pleasuring men is out of this world. Once the lesson is over, your mouth will be the perfect hole for any man to come along and fuck you deep in your skull. Oh, and let's not forget that your asshole will be begging for a big cock to fill it up with warm, sticky cum.
- Jolene

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